Global Power Bible Prayer Hotline Program Schedule
Consecration Hour: Sabb-Sun, Mon, Tues. Thurs. 4:45-6am  & Wed. & Fri.  4:30-6:00 am 

777 Initiative: Praying for our Leaders, 7am & 7pm daily
Early Morning Manna w. Eld. S. Peters (Trinidad) Mon & Wed. 6-8 am and Tues, Thur. & Fri. with Dr. Pat Langley (New York) 6-8 am

Daily 8 am - 10 am  Study in the Word
Daily 10 am -12 pm   Let the Word Speak - Scripture Commentary

Tuesday 8-10 am Life Changes w. Pr. A. Sinclair & C. Williams (Boston)

Mon-Fri: 12-2pm Daniel Prayer Hour

Sunbeams for Jesus:  Wed. 5-7pm;   Fri. 4-6 pm DST & 3-5pm Sabbath: 

Health Messages: Mon: 8-9pm , Sabb. 7-8am - Eld. Lew Keith
Tues. Thurs, Fri. 6:30-8 am Eld. John Phillips

7-8 pm Book Study w. Dr. Pat Langley
Evening Devotion 9-10pm Mon.  Sis I. Durham & Tues.-Thurs. Sis O. Reid

Sabbath Services: 8-9 am Praise Team;  9-11 Sabbath School; 11-3:00 Divine Service

NIGHTWATCH Nightly Sun-Sabb. 10 pm-4:30 am

The Family Hour Fri. & Sat. 10-11 pm with Elds. Johnson & Artwell (Texas)