Here are last year's Prayer Bulletin Inserts for all churches. May you be blessed as you use these resources in 2016 to encourage prayer and quiet meditation as we gather from week to week.  

NEC Prayer Bulletin Inserts - With the Spirit and the Understanding 2015: In order to save the file, please click on the section to open it in another window.  Once opened, go to FILE > SAVE AS and save to your computer or FILE > PRINT to print without saving the file. For best results, use a color copier.

  1. Introduction
  2. January
  3. February
  4. March
  5. April 
  6. May
  7. June
  8. July 
  9. August
  10. September
  11. October 
  12. November
  13. December
2016 NAD Prayer Calendar (here)          
Prayer Ministries Guide (role of the coordinator):  Pt.1  Pt.2   Pt.3