Here are the hymns, month by month, for Prayer Ministries.  It is our prayer that you will receive a tremendous blessing as you learn, practice and share these beautiful hymns.

January Hymns, 2014

All January's hymns for projector use (.ppt) found: here .doc

Individual Hymns for January:

The Comforter Has Come .ppt .doc learn 
My Father Watches Over Me .ppt .doc learn
Alone .ppt .doc online learn
Tell Me the Story of Jesus .ppt .doc learn 
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah .ppt .doc learn
Thy Sacred Anthem .ppt .doc learn this hymn with little Sunbeam A.J. Duncan - 8yrs. old (learn) (AJ's pic).

Many thanks to VTM Thailand & Philip Rathan for edit & remix Thy Sacred Anthem     Grateful thanks also to Sis Joyce Dove, Prayer Coordinator, Macedonia SDA Church, Wyandanch, New York - January's Hymn/Song Leader 

February Hymns, 2014

All February's hymns for projector use (.ppt) found: here .doc

Individual Hymns for February:

An Upper Room (Communion) .ppt .doc

As Birds Unto the Genial Homeland .ppt .doc

At Calvary .ppt .doc

Art Thou Weary? .ppt .doc

My Jesus as Thou Wilt .ppt .doc


March Hymns, 2014

All March hymns for projector use (.ppt) found: here .doc

Individual Hymns for March:

Guide and Guard Us .ppt .doc

Hold the Fort .ppt .doc learn

Le Signal de la Victoire .ppt .doc

Holy Sabbath Day of Rest .ppt .doc learn

Santo Día .ppt .doc learn

The Beautiful Garden of Prayer .ppt .doc learn

Grateful thanks to Eld. Hubert Artwell, Sabbath School Supt., Casalita Dr. SDA Church, Garland, TX  - March's Hymn/Song Leader                                                  
Thanks to Sis. Joyce for Santa Dîa

April Hymns, 2014

Individual Hymns for April: 

All April's hymns  for projector use found (.ppt): here .doc

For You I Am Praying NH 284 .ppt  .doc

In Times Like These NH 593 .ppt  .doc

Heir of the Kingdom NH 594  OH 185  .ppt .doc

Let Every Lamp Be Burning NH 595  OH 183 .ppt  .doc

Crowning Jewel of Creation NH 385 .ppt  .doc

May Hymns 2014

 All May's hymns for projector use found (.ppt): here  .docs

Individual Hymns for May:

And Can It Be NH 198   .ppt  .doc

Dieu Cherche Encore CD 330  .ppt  .doc

Hold Fast Till I Come NH 600 OH 548   .ppt   .doc

Watchmen, on the the Walls of Zion NH 601 OH 184  .ppt  .doc

O Brother, Be Faithful NH 602 OH 173  .ppt .doc

We Know Not the Hour NH 604 OH 540  .ppt  .doc

We Love Thy Sabbath Lord NH 390  .ppt   .doc

June Hymns 2014

 All June's hymns for projector use found (.ppt): here  .docs

Individual Hymns for June:

We Have This Hope (Eng. and Fr.) NH 214   .ppt  .doc

When He Cometh NH 218; OH 418 .ppt  .doc

My Faith Has Found a Resting Place NH 523  .ppt   .doc

All Hail the Power of Jesus Name NH 229; OH 156  .ppt  .doc

Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones NH 91; OH 77  .ppt .doc

Far From All Care NH 394; OH 468  .ppt   .doc

July Hymns 2014

 All July's hymns for projector use found (.ppt): here  .docs

Individual Hymns for July:

The Love of God: English .ppt .doc & Creole .ppt  .doc

How Great Thou Art NH 86 .ppt  .doc

Worthy, Worthy is the Lamb NH 246, OH 168, CS 328  .ppt  .doc

Come Thou Fount; NH 334, OH 291 .ppt  .doc

The Dawn of God’s Dear Sabbath; NH 40, OH 467, CS 385  .ppt .doc

August Hymns 2014