Here are the Theme Songs and Hymns for NEC and Global Prayer Ministries in 2016. Please note: we will be adding more files in the coming days as we work to make all Prayer Ministry resources available.

 Theme Songs for 2016:

  1. City Sabbath .pdf .ppt lyrics music
  2. I Then Shall Live .pdf .ppt lyrics 
  3. Through .pdf .ppt lyrics  music
  4. Come Holy Spirit .pdf .ppt lyrics music
  5. Teach Me to Pray .pdf .ppt  lyrics  music

January Hymns:

All Hymns for January here: lyrics 
Sweet the Holy Hymn: lyrics
Savior Breathe an Evening Blessing: lyrics 
Lord of the Sabbath: lyrics
The Savior with Me:  lyrics
Teach Me to Pray: lyrics

February Hymns:

All Hymns for February here: lyrics
Guide and Guard Us: lyrics
How Shall I Follow: lyrics
The Strife is O'er: lyrics
Jesus Paid It All: lyrics
The Last Mile of the Way: lyrics

March Hymns:

All Hymns for March here: lyrics
Brighten the Corner Where You Are: lyrics
Take the Name of Jesus With You: lyrics
The Lord is Coming: lyrics
Christ For the World: lyrics
Have You Any Room for Jesus: lyrics

April Hymns:

All Hymns for April here: lyrics
Jesus Shall Reign: lyrics
There'll Be No Dark Valley: lyrics
There Was One Who Was Willing: lyrics
Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart: lyrics

May Hymns:

All Hymns for May here: lyrics
Room at the Cross: lyrics
The Spacious Firmament: lyrics
Marvelous Grace: lyrics
In Times Like These: lyrics

June Hymns
All hymns for June here: lyrics
Lean on His Arm: lyrics
Trust and Obey: lyrics
Fairest Lord Jesus: lyrics
Leaning On the Everlasting Arms: lyrics

July Hymns

All hymns for July here: lyrics
Hark! Tis the Shepherd's Voice I Hear: lyrics
How Firm a Foundation: lyrics
Break Thou the Bread of Life: lyrics
Jesus Calls Us: lyrics

August Hymns 

All hymns for August here: lyrics
Jesus Loves Me: lyrics
Oh Happy Day that Fixed My Choice: lyrics
Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned: lyrics
There is a Fountain Filled with Blood: lyrics

September Hymns 
All hymns for September here: lyrics
My Jesus As Thou Wilt: lyrics
Happy the Home: lyrics
Tell Me the Story of Jesus: lyrics
Work for the Night is Coming: lyrics

October Hymns
All hymns for October here: lyrics
From Every Stormy Wind that Blows: lyrics
A Shelter in the Time of Storm: lyrics
Long Upon the Mountain: lyrics
His Name is Wonderful: lyrics

November Hymns
All hymns for November here: lyrics
Hiding in Thee: lyrics
God Will Take Care of You: lyrics
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee: lyrics
Blessed Quietness: lyrics